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Integrating Account Manager and Online Signup Links to your Website

Feb 14, 2013

You can use your own website and let your Subscribers access the Online Signup Server and the Account Manager site of the direclty from your page by using the following links: Online Signup Server Link ““ Account Manager

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Customizing your Portal Site

Feb 13, 2013

Go to > support > administration > ISP Portal Configuration The ISP Portal Configuration page is divided into two sections as shown in the image below. In the Content section, you can configure following : 1. Page Template &  Title This section allows you to change the page

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ISP Domain FTP Login

Aug 08, 2011

If you use the ISP portal this will not apply to you; this is applicable only if you have a custom website. To create a login for this account so that you have FTP access to your domain, please follow these steps: Continue reading “ISP Domain FTP Login” »

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Managing a Subscriber’s Account Through the Online Portal

Jul 16, 2011

A key section in your online portal is My Account, which allows your subscribers to manage their accounts and access their emails, the online help, the dialup number search, your contact details, and more. Continue reading “Managing a Subscriber’s Account Through the Online Portal”

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Domain Hosting FTP

Sep 08, 2010

Here are instructions on how to gain FTP access to our servers in order to upload website files to a hosted domain. Continue reading “Domain Hosting FTP” »

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