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CenturyLink Broadband DSL Coverage

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CenturyLink available in 14 states!*

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  • Available with visp.net’s managed services. Click here to know more for your business.
  • Speeds up to 7Mbps
  • Business or Residential customers
  • Standalone service and additional IP addresses available.
  • Visp.net DSL promotions available.
  • Wired or wireless DSL modems available for purchase or rental.
  • Low Support Maintenance.
How billing works:
The ISP’s complete advertised retail price is billed to the subscriber in two parts: 1) The ISP portion will be billed from the ISP prior to recieving service. 2) A loop charge will be billed from CenturyLink to the subscriber following the month of service. This charge is so they can provision the bandwidth you’re purchasing from us.
You bill your subscriber for the bandwidth and ISP services (Email, Spam & Virus Protection, Disk Space, Online Web Portal etc.) For more information on what CenturyLink will charge your customer click here. Visp.net offers the ISP one single rate for all bandwidths. Visp.net’s CenturyLink DSL is offered on a month-to-month term and may not be financially comparable to CenturyLink’s direct annual contract rates.
Bonded (or Paired) DSL Service
Bonded (or Paired) DSL circuits are available to qualifying business subscribers only. Bonded DSL circuits are available at the bonded speeds of 3, 10 and 14Mbps. All circuits have 2Mbps upload speeds. Please see our NOC Nuuz Article for information on CenturyLink charges for this service. Promotional rates are available.
Standalone DSL Service (with no CenturyLink/CenturyLink Telephone Service)
Standalone circuits are available to subscribers who do not have CenturyLink telephone service and are in a CenturyLink coverage area. The minimum speed to order a standalone circuit is 1.5Mbps and CenturyLink charges an additional $5.00 for the standalone service. This applies for both business and residential DSL service. Promotional rates are available.* DSL availability in specific areas can be determined with visp.net’s DSL Pre-Qualification tool. Not all areas qualify for 7Mbps service, the high end DSL package can go from 3 to 7Mbps service. 256kbps DSL service not available in all areas.