Aug 12, 2019 7:39 AM PST – Version 7.6.67

New Features:

  1. Option to classify a package type as residential or business is now added to the Package Settings.
  2. FCC 477 reports are now updated to use the package type classification of the package when generating the report.
  3. In addition, both FCC 477 reports now have Tech_50 (Fiber) and Tech_70 (Wireless) options.
    • When uploading the CSV export of the reports, make sure to check the appropriate option to avoid errors in uploading.

Bug Fix:

  1. New set of identified code exceptions encountered when using UBO are now fixed.

New updates as of Aug 13, 2019 7:03 PM PST:

  1. Mass Email code script is optimized to speed up sending of mass emails to subscribers.
  2. Tax exemption setting for Wireless usage is now considered when applying a tax setting to the invoice item.
  3. New Feature: Account Manager Login History (Date Bound) Report is now available under Notes and History report category in UBO. It contains a list of all successful and failed login attempts of subscribers in the Account Manager.

New updates as of Aug 14, 2019 9:30 PM PST:

  1. Package with ‘ symbol can now be deleted.
  2. FCC 477 report now displays the list of packages without internet and fiber speed limits without breaking the report. However, ISP needs to set the speed limits of those listed to include them in the report.
  3. Missing confirmation email is now sent to the From email when the mass email template is sent successfully to the subscribers. Also, missing username of the app user who sent the mass email is now displayed in the subscriber history log.
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