Jan 29, 2020 9:06 PM PST – Version 7.6.88


  1. Custom Field now has a new “Text Paragraph” type where users can enter longer text like paragraphs into the custom fields.
  2. Internet and Internet Hotspot Service MAC Address Report now has “Only display services with multiple devices authenticating using same username” option.
  3. “Auto Suspend x Days after invoice generation, if past due” now supports up to 100 days.
  4. Email Reminder is now renamed to Email Template in the Subscriber menu. Also, templates created in the Email Subscriber window will no longer be saved if it matches an existing template with the same subject.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Auto-login in Google Calendar should now work as expected.
  2. Negative percent rates are now displayed correctly.
  3. Sending of usage-triggered templates now matches with the usage of the subscriber as displayed in the usage report.
  4. Saisei error is now skipped when moving services from one package to another.
  5. When adding a new subscriber, clicking a subscriber in the main table is temporarily disabled until the subscriber is successfully added.
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