Java UBO 7.6.107 – Jun 16, 2020 10:25 PM PST


  1. Package Description is now displayed for prorate invoice items in the invoice PDF if the setting is enabled.
    • In addition, the package description is only displayed once in the invoice PDF for invoice items connected to the same package.
  2. If the Modern portal is being accessed and ISP already has a vPortal activated, subscribers of the ISP accessing the Laravel portal will now be redirected to the vPortal.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Invoicing for multiple packages is now consistent with the “create separate invoice line items for multiple instances of the same package.” option in Package Invoicing settings.
  2. | symbol is now supported in the password field.
  3. Assigned CPE Report now displays Count correctly if the table is filtered.
  4. App User column in Notes and History tab now displays an indicator that a ticket came from ServerPlus Issue Tracker.
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