Jun 03, 2019 9:45 PM PST – Version 7.6.54

Bug Fixes:

  1. Sync button in the Statements tab has been updated so that the payment distributions in QBO (outside the sync feature) are overwritten and UBO and QBO have consistent distribution data. However, it only works if the Automatically apply credits, Automatically invoice unbilled activity, and Automatically apply bill payments settings have been disabled in QBO.
  2. Adding an item with same name of an inactive item will now reactivate the inactive item.
  3. Attachments are now removed from the email when it is sent as an SMS.
  4. For the Account Manager mobile view, the navigation bar now displays without covering the content of the page. Also, the navigation bar will now auto-close for netscape browser user agents.

Minor Improvement:

  1. Payment email sent to ISPs when a subscriber pays online will now display username as the email subject, instead of a username and domain displayed as an email address. Domain and subscriber email address is now added to the email content.

New Feature:

  1. Report snapshot is now available. Users can now set a a predefined schedule to receive a snapshot of the report they want.
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