Oct 03, 2018 10:00 PM PST – Version 7.5

  1. When changing billing cycle, the “Apply on current invoice” option is now removed.
  2. When adding a hotspot package to a subscriber, term count drop-down is now disabled in the Add Package window.
  3. For Package List w/ Info (All Info) merge field, equipment details are now displayed below the wireless service if the wireless MAC matches that of the equipment MAC.
  4. PlugNPay is now available as a merchant option in UBO.
  5. Back-end option for post-hotspot deactivation has been added, so the ISP can set to have their hotspot subscribers set to SUSPENDED on hotspot deactivation.
  6. Subscribers can now activate/reactivate their hotspot service via the Account Manager if the ISP is configured to set their subscriber’s hotspot package to SUSPEND after their hotspot service expires.
  7. For ISPs with OpenSRS email service, password validator for email service will now display invalid in Account Manager if the password contains the username.
  8. Subscriber’s Location ID is now added as a new column in the Payments Received 2 Report.
  9. Changing Location in the Equipment Tab and in the Mapping page now adds a history log.
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