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What’s new in VISP

We’re updating VISP regularly. Check back here to see the latest improvements and newest features.

May 11, 2010

1. Bug 3814: Fixed autobill issues.
2. Bug 6980: Added tax to print queued statements.
3. Bug 6977: Modified to automatically update paid through date.
4. Bug 4928: Fixed no limit for payment/credit.
5. Bug 6974: Fixed typographical error on user rights error dialog box.
6. Bug 6971: Fixed appuser restriction on posting payments/credit memo.

May 4, 2010

1. Bug 6965: Corrected a typographical error on edit admin app user confirmation message.
2. Bug 6923: Logs deletion of email or alias from a record.
3. Bug 6920:Fixed pulling up incorrect data on speed payment window.
4. Bug 4763: Accommodate negative figures on credit memo.
5. Bug 5246: Fixed autobill flags.
6. Bug 6929: Included tax in statement preview.
7. Bug 6932: Modified text on a dialog box after deleting an item that will set paid thru date.
8. Bug 5369: Adjusted layout for long memo on payment and credit.
9. Bug 6926: Fixed sorting on “Print” menu.
10. Bug 6914: Fixed sorting on auto action schedule.
11. Bug 4132: Fixed truncating of long domain names on email drop down.
12. Bug 6857: Fixed error on deleting alias.
13. Bug 6935: Fixed null pointer exception on statement preview.
14. Bug 5999: Updated type values on history.
15. Bug 6917: Corrected statements showing incorrect amounts.
16. Bug 5750: Updated charges when adding a package to an existing record with annual billing cycle.
17. Bug 5987: Fixed error on quarterly billing customers.
18. Bug 5990: Fixed wrong error dialog box coming out when adding a new subscriber.
19. Bug 5237: Log on history when echeck is enabled/disabled.
20. Bug 6968: Included tax in the amount column for print queue invoices.
21. Bug 6962: Fixed wrong amounts on statement preview.
22. Bug 6947: Have the subscriber tab icon be updated after posting a credit memo.

April 26, 2010

1. Bug 6881: Automatically logs enable/disable function of autobill on notes and history.
2. Bug 6722: Fixed isp order on mass email multi-isp view.
3. Bug 6878: Updated notes and history after deleting an item.
4. Bug 6866: Fixed notes and history filter.
5. Bug 6860: Corrected a typographical error.
6. Bug 6875: Improved ISP text search
7. Bug 6278: Increased responsiveness of speed payment window search.
8. Bug 6869: Automatically adds invoice changes to notes and history.
9. Bug 6863: Fixed multiple radio buttons selected at one time.

April 20, 2010

1. Bug 5090: Added ACH number to existing autobill report.
2. Bug 6086: Fixed reports when loading reports that have the same From and To dates.
3. Bug 5225:  Fixed setting to lock when 2 users use the same record at the same time.
4. Bug 6440:  Fixed sorting of notes and history.
5. Bug 5996: Allowed the saoftware to remember filter on print interface.
6. Bug 6767: Retained the package when a prorate item is removed from the invoice.
7. Bug 6200: Added logging on history when an email or alias is added to a record.
8. Bug 6842: Improved “lockout” dialog box.
9. Bug 6827: Fixed a null pointer exception after suspending packages on a record.
10. Bug 6659: Added dialog box to disable autobill when an account is disabled.
11. Bug 6854: Fixed an issue that causes printing of invoice to be slow.

April 13, 2010

1. Bug 6404: Fixed an error in adding subscriber.
2. Bug 2959:  Fixed issues using special characters on mass email.

April 8, 2010

1. Bug 6155: Have the system change the password on the server when changing a hosting password on the software.
2. Bug 6818: Added hour glass in mass email.
3. Bug 6611: Fixed glitches on package found on ISP configuration.
4. Bug 6815:  Have the software update the billing term on records for an ISP after changing billing cycle.
5. Bug 3862: Added payment ID number on payment receipt.

April 6, 2010

1. Bug 6713: Improved behavior when adding a new source detail with the same source name as the existing source.

March 31, 2010

1. Bug 6512: Fixed incorrect sending of credit card expiration notice.
2. Bug 6689:Fixed isp order on ISP configuration when using multi-isp view.
3. Bug 6650: Correct funky behavior in adding new source details.
4. Bug 6740: Added launching of dialog box if an application user attempts to activate an invalid domain.
5. Bug 6812: Fixed an exception in deleting a statement item.
6. Bug 6809: Restored double-click function in notes and history tab
7. Bug 6743: Fixed adding of source details.
8. Bug 6671: Corrected a wrong dialog box when launching ISP configuration.

March 29, 2010

1. Bug 5777: Fixed billing email not displaying as enabled
2. Bug 6737: Fixed issue in billing info credit card expiration
3. Bug 6776: Modified reset password feature to allow 8-25 characters
4. Bug 6794: Fixed ISP Config Company text field that looks like disabled
5. Bug 6782: Fixed a null pointer exception when editing custom item on invoice
6. Bug 6785: Fixed blank items on View Invoice
7. Bug 6773: Added prompt when closing Add Subscriber wizard
8. Bug 6482: Fixed exception when posting a payment
9. Bug 6803: Updated statements table when deleting a payment on receive payment window
10. Bug 6779: Fixed delete item & print buttons on Statements tab for deleted subscribers
11. Bug 6788: Updated subscriber icon after posting a payment
12. Bug 6419: Fixed invalid CC number on Billing Info tab
13. Bug 6797: Fixed null pointer exception when no privilege to access application administrator on reset password feature
14. Bug 3955: Updated subscriber panel status icon after receipt of payment.

March 24, 2010

1. Bug 6749: Fixed a null pointer exception on tax.
2. Bug5798: Launched a warning dialog when no amount is entered on tax.
3. Bug 6716: Modified close application button when in edit mode.
4. Bug 6086: modified database to correctly display data when From and To dates are identical.
5. Bug 6752: Update icon after adding subscriber.
6. Bug 6113: Added a dialog box when posting a payment while in edit mode.
7. Bug 6758: Fixed an error in saving information on custom field 4.
8. Bug 6770: Allowed saving of other data with expired credit card when editing.
9. Bug 6761: Made the reset button to work on some user rights.
10 Bug 6764: Fixed a null pointer exception on Admin menu.