Sep 4, 2018 11:01 PM PST – Version 7.5

  1. For multi-ISP app users, Ticket Types in the Settings window now display the complete list of available templates for the selected ISP. Also, hovering on the TSM icon in the main toolbar now displays the templates available for the subscriber’s ISP.
  2. “Include Custom Charges” option is now added to the Billing History Report, Invoice Item Group Report 1 and 2. If unchecked, it will hide all custom invoice item charges from the report.
  3. Wireless and Wireless Hotspot Service MAC Address Report is now available in Report Center > Packages and Services. This report displays how long each Auth MAC addresses of all wireless service has been active and inactive.
  4. “Auto-reassign IP address when a more recent wireless device login is detected” setting is now available in the Equipment Accounting Controls node of the Settings window.
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