Visp – Oct 6, 2020 10:09 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. Equipment Function field is now removed and no longer available in Visp.
  2. Equipment can now be assigned to either a site or a subscriber when accessed through the Equipment page.
  3. Equipment is now displayed in the Site Equipment tab if it is assigned to a Site and in Assigned CPE tab if it is assigned to a subscriber.
  4. SM-type equipment can now be assigned to subscribers via the Add Equipment in the Subscriber Dock.
  5. Assigned SM-type equipment now displays data without errors when accessed through the Subscriber Equipment dock.
  6. Changing the site location for a site equipment is now displayed correctly in the Site Location column of the Site Equipment tab.
  7. Automatic assigning of tax for newly added subscribers via Visp or signup is no longer case-sensitive for City tax criteria.
  8. Missing Package Description and Package Includes text area are now back in Package Settings.
  9. Saving SKU changes now ignores deleted equipment profiles when checking for duplicates.
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