Visp – Nov 10, 2020 9:19 PM PST


  1. When payment amount is unlocked, the payment amount in the Receive Payment is now adjusted based on the checked invoices.
  2. “Taxes” label displayed in the Invoice and in PDFs can now be renamed in Taxes tab of the Invoicing settings.
  3. Option to display the current invoice by default upon viewing the Packages & Invoices tab is now added to the Accounting controls tab of the Payments settings.
  4. Hex color option for PDFs is now available in Forms settings.
  5. Map is now improved with the following features: coverage polygons, different layer options, address searching, and creating a subscriber from a pinned address.
  6. Users can now toggle to only count usage hours with average bandwidth usage that’s equal or greater than the threshold.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Custom flat rate tax of package is now displayed correctly when adding a package to invoice/quote.
  2. Clicking All filter now selected all of the ticket status. In addition, pre-defined Open, Pending, Resolved ticket status are now removed from the Others filter.
  3. ICCID, K, and OPc fields are now displayed for LTE SIM-type equipment in the Inventory window.
  4. Duplicate ICCID validator is now added for equipment.
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