Visp – Dec 21, 2020 10:36 PM PST

New Features & Improvements:

  1. Name field is now available for all equipment instance.
  2. Map is now improved with the following features: Line of Sight from a Site to a selected point (address) and LoS graphs for qualified APs.
  3. Option to schedule sending of invoices to print house after invoices are generated is now available in the Paper Invoice settings under Invoicing settings.
  4. When a payment is applied, the row now turns green if the payment applied is equal to the Open Balance.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Dark font is now displayed if light color is selected for PDFs.
  2. “Sync term with invoice” option is now displayed for invoices for which the term has already ended when trying to add new item to that invoice.
  3. Serial Number error no longer displays for LTE SIM since it is not one of the fields for LTE SIM.
  4. Renaming a package now updates the upcoming invoice and adds a subscriber history log.
  5. Autopay filter condition is now displayed correctly in Visp.
  6. SSID field validation in Visp is now the same as in UBO.
  7. Subscriber menu now closes when clicking outside the menu.
  8. Email Subscriber dock now closes after sending an email.
  9. Visp PDFs now displays “light gray” form color option correctly.
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