Visp – Aug 4, 2020 10:44 PM PST


  1. Two new linked ticket types: Merge To and Merge Into By.
    • “Merge To” means to merge the currently viewed ticket to the selected linked ticket.
    • “Merge Into By” means to merge the selected linked ticket to the currently viewed ticket.
  2. When a ticket is merged to another ticket, all its content, attachments, tasks, etc. will be added to the other ticket and the merged ticket will be closed.
  3. Email notifications will now be set to the reporter when resolving or closing a ticket.
  4. Email notifications will now be sent to the linked tickets reporter if the main ticket is resolved or closed.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Since users can now select the default payment method of the subscriber in the Payment Options tab, the radio button in the Payment Method dropdown under Receive Payment is now removed.
  2. For Firefox users, ticket schedule time can now be updated.
  3. When scheduling a ticket to a technician without a calendar, the technician calendar is now automatically created instead of displaying an error.
  4. Deleting a ticket type now works without errors.
  5. Adding a ticket note now only adds a history log to the ticket logs, and not to the ISP logs.
  6. All custom items are now loaded when clicking on Other Item button in Invoice view.
  7. Term start date for a package is now displaying as selected by the user.
  8. Expiration date for TOKEN-type credit cards is now excluded from the Post Payment button restrictions.
  9. If the user right is checked, the missing “Overview – Subscribers Count” dashboard component is now displayed.
  10. The missing option to select a subscriber in the ticket is now available if the ticket is not linked to any subscriber.
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