Visp – Aug 9, 2020 10:43 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. Timezone is now applied correctly to the Last Modified Date & Time which is displayed in the Subscriber Ticket Summary.
  2. Credit card IPPay token is now only re-tokenized if the card number is updated.
  3. Posting a payment in My Visp now reloads the displayed Visp Statement to the current month and year.
  4. A possible cause for the “bad request” error when scheduling a ticket is now fixed.
  5. Invoice Total and Total Balance Due are now updated when adding or removing items in the invoice.
  6. Adding a custom item in the invoice now displays a consistent date range on both the invoice item preview and the saved invoice item.
  7. Funky instances of duplicate notes or inconsistent subscriber details for docked subscribers are now fixed.
  8. Updating ticket details of a scheduled ticket in VISP now includes updating the content of its corresponding calendar entry.
  9. Clicking on a ticket with no subscriber associated now displays the Select Subscriber option consistently.
  10. IP Address is now updated with the latest IP address of the authenticated device when clicking the Refresh button in the Internet service.
  11. A custom item with a quantity greater than 1 can now be added into the invoice without errors
  12. Package column is now sorted correctly.
  13. Work Phone and Cell Phone are now displayed correctly in the Edit Subscriber popup.
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