Visp – Sep 1, 2020 9:52 PM PST


  1. Refund feature is now available in Visp.
  2. Bill of Materials is now added to the Ticket Dock which allows users to define the items to bill the subscriber once the installation is completed.
  3. Application user access restriction for items is now available.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Mass email to all subscribers will now send to all subscribers instead of just the subscribers in the first page.
  2. Deleting setup fee in an upcoming invoice no longer deletes the package.
  3. “Removing this item will also remove the Package“ is now added to the prompt when deleting a full-term package item in the upcoming invoice.
  4. If ISP address is invalid, default coordinates for the Map now use the city, state, zip of the ISP Address.
  5. Revenue dashboard now displays ARPU amounts that match the value in the report.
  6. Late Fee item can now be removed from the invoice in Visp.
  7. Subscriber history log when sending email is now only added once.
  8. Tax Rate % amount in Taxes settings now accepts up to 4 decimal places.
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