Visp – Sep 21, 2020 11:11 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. Subscriber Services node is now displayed after activating a Minerva IP TV service.
  2. Uploading an image to the Inventory Location now updates the profile image and the Attachments area without the need of closing and re-opening the Edit dock.
  3. The upcoming invoice is now displaying the newly-added package charges after moving a service to the package.
  4. When the status is bulk updated in UBO by changing the Invoice Defaults settings, the status cache will also be updated in Visp.
  5. Determining Past Due in Visp is now consistent with UBO.
  6. Subscriber is now successfully created via API even if email description is not provided.
  7. Saving the QBO credentials in Visp now saves the OAuth Version 2.0 classification correctly.
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