Visp – Jan 5, 2021 10:40 PM PST

New Features & Improvements:

  1. Support for Variable Quantity in Visp is now available.
  2. Uploading multiple attachments to a subscriber is now available.
  3. Option to show “Recurring” in subscriber-perspective invoice view is now available for custom items in the Items Manager settings.
  4. Top-up settings for vPortal is now available under Packages settings.
  5. Map is now improved with the following features: “what if” (Planning) map mode that enables the user to plan PtP links, KML export format, new filter option and custom filter layers, default system of measurement for distance and height unit, option to lock/unlock the dragging of sites, search revamp, and custom site icons
  6. Searching a subscriber using other subscriber information is now available in the Add Ticket dock.
  7. Dashboard, Ticket Types, Payments settings are now moved from the Settings page to the Visp menu.

Bug Fixes:

  1. ISP can now choose to apply the invoicing suspension on inactive packages rule to inactive packages that have yet to start billing.
  2. Map menu is no longer covered when Visp sidebar is displayed in full.
  3. ‘Cannot read property ‘id’ of null’ error displayed when renaming a package is now fixed.
  4. IP address and Smart Session values are now displayed correctly in the Edit Inventory dock.
  5. Payment Distribution option is now displayed correctly in the Accounting Controls of the Payments setting.
  6. Payment distribution order invoices option is now applied correctly in the Receive Payment invoices list.
  7. Tax can now be setup when adding a custom item to an upcoming invoice.
  8. Letter case is now ignored when validating email addresses entered in the To field of the Email Subscriber dock.
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