Visp – Jan 25, 2021 3:32 PM PST


  1. Ticket support in vPortal is now available.
  2. Adding subscriber now goes to the Map page.
  3. Minerva IP TV integration updates to address feedback items: search in Minerva server before activating a service, add service to an existing Minerva account and automatically generate a charge, Minerva syncing when updating the account in Visp, and one-click button to update a Minerva customer in Visp with data from the Minerva server.
  4. IP Management, Invoicing, and Items settings are now moved from the Settings page to the Visp menu.

 Bug Fixes:

  1. Settings rights is now applied correctly for the Visp menu.
  2. Clicking on the Map icon for subscriber details now displays the subscriber location correctly in the Map page.
  3. Ticket tabs can now be viewed for tickets with edit restrictions enabled when a signature has been added.
  4. FCC Tech Code of the service in the package is now displaying actual data from the database.


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