Visp – Oct 6, 2021 10:15 PM PST

Minor Improvement:

  1. Under Late Fee settings, default Invoice Item Description based on the selected software label is now added when saving the default add late fee setting and the invoice item description is blank.
  2. Applying auto action settings now includes the list of subscribers who are affected in the ISP history log.
  3. Revenue Per Access Controller Report is now available under the Billing category. It will display the total amount invoiced for each subscriber, grouped by Internet devices Access Controller, within the given date range.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Missing inactive default triggers are now displayed in the list of Inactive Triggers under Message Templates settings.
  2. Error on updating Bill to Another settings is now fixed.
  3. Users are now able to use an IP Pool name that was just deleted when adding a new IP Pool or updating an existing IP Pool under IP Management settings.
  4. Updating auto action settings now adds the correct history log.
  5. Sales Tax Report snapshot is now generated without errors.
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