Visp – Nov 15, 2021 8:14 PM PST


  1. Users can now view and click on the View Account Items button in the Account config drawer to open a report that lists all the items associated with it.
  2. Option to enable Facebook Messenger is now available under Messaging Service settings. If enabled, subscribers can now link and unlink their accounts to their Facebook Messenger accounts through a process facilitated by the Messenger bot. After a successful link, the subscriber can now follow up on their existing tickets and add notes to them, as well as submit a new ticket.
  3. ISP payment reinforcement is now integrated into the Visp app, similar to UBO.

Bug Fixes:

  1. The Paid-by-Another calculations have been updated so that if the setting is “Bill full amount”, the final amount charged to the parent now takes into account the child item’s tax. In addition, if the setting is “Bill full amount” and the child’s item’s tax is updated, the parent’s item’s total amount is also updated.
  2. Invoicing script now considers the non-taxable amount when generating the billed-from-child item to the parent.
  3. The Status column in the Transactions pop-up now displays the correct status.
  4. Last Modified column in subscriber history logs now displays the correct time.
  5. Clicking the usage report link via vPortal now displays the usage report page without the invalid page error.
  6. Multiple sessions of an IP Address are now displayed in the IP Search tool.
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