Visp – Feb 8, 2021 9:30 PM PST


  1. Payment Method is now added to the Billing History Report.
  2. “Package Signup and Past Due Count” report is now available under the Packages and Services report category.
    • The report displays the total count of new packages and subscribers past due for the past 3 months or weeks based on the current date.
    • Records were automatically recorded starting January 27, 2021.
      • For those who want to get accurate records prior to that date, kindly contact Visp Support.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Prorate amount is now displaying correctly even after changing the start term.
  2. Adding a new item to the invoice no longer recalculates the reversed invoice item.
  3. Language in PDFs is now displayed more consistently when sent via email triggers or mass emails.
  4. Postal Code is now displaying when viewing the Edit Subscriber dock for UK ISPs.
  5. Login for newly-created ISPs no longer displays an error.
  6. Sub-price items are no longer displayed in the upcoming invoice.
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