Visp – Feb 21, 2021 9:33 PM PST


  1. Service Profile settings are now moved from the Settings page to the Visp menu.
  2. Users can now enable and configure custom top-up options per package.
  3. eCheck option is now available in Merchant Account settings to allow subscribers to add their own eCheck in vportal.
  4. Column resizing in Visp is now similar to UBO.
  5. User password reset token security is now improved.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Coming soon tooltip is now removed when hovering on the Auto-retry checkbox.
  2. Missing scroll bar is now restored in My Visp if there are components hidden.
  3. Email template newline format is now displayed correctly in the Email Subscriber window.
  4. A ticket is now added successfully to a subscriber without a contact number.
  5. FSAN number is now displayed in the Fiber service detail summary if ZMS Integration is enabled for the ISP.
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