Visp – Mar 9, 2021 10:31 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. If “Require ISP Site, AP and SSID” option is checked in Equipment settings, an error alert is now displayed and internet service can no longer be activated if ISP Site, AP, SSID subscriber equipment fields are blank.
  2. Report snapshot errors that are preventing some snapshots to send to the ISPs are now fixed.
  3. Actual merchant error code messages are now displayed when payment failed to process.
  4. Missing “Specified number of days after invoice generation, if Past Due” auto action option is now restored and is now based on if the customer is on flexible billing, instead on if the ISP is on flexible billing.
  5. vPortal fixes include the following:
    • End of term date auto action is now displayed correctly.
    • If a subscriber has multiple devices for Internet service, device options are now displayed in the Usage page for a more accurate and detailed usage for each device.
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