Visp – Mar 10, 2021 4:12 PM PST


  1. Users can now create default alerts for ticket types and internet service of packages. In addition, customer-level alerts can now be created through the Add Alert option in the Activity log.
  2. For ISPs using IPPAY as their payment processor and have the Account Updater option enabled, users can now choose to automatically void eCheck payments and choose to send an email notification to specific recipients for eCheck payments that are updated with a declined or unsuccessful status from IPPay.In addition, users can also choose to raise alerts on the subscriber and to the specified application users when such events occur.
  3. Users can choose to automatically raise alerts on the subscriber’s internet service when the subscriber purchases a top-up option on vPortal.
  4. Funky Dashboard and Service Desk components are now improved in mobile view.
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