Visp – Mar 16, 2021 11:32 PM PST


  1. Avalara integration is now available.
  2. A link to the ticket in vPortal is now included in the email notification sent to the subscriber when a ticket note is posted or the ticket status is updated. In addition, clicking the link will log the user into vPortal and forward the user to the ticket that was updated.
  3. If the ISP has set to bypass throttling on top-up purchase and the subscriber’s internet package has throttling enabled and custom throttling is also enabled, the throttling settings of the subscriber’s internet package will be updated based on the purchased top-up (as a way to bypass the previous throttling settings).

Bug Fixes:

  1. Users using an iPhone are now able to login to Visp.
  2. Fix for deleted subscribers no longer included in the subscriber total filter count is now restored with improvements to avoid memory spike.
  3. Ticket template PDFs are now displayed consistently in Visp and UBO.
  4. New ticket templates can now be added successfully even with or without alerts setup.
  5. Last change date tooltip for merchant settings is now displayed if unable to edit the merchant fields.
  6. Merchant account validation is now corrected to ignore alerts validation if it is not displayed.
  7. Clicking on Add/Remove Criteria in Taxes setting now displays the custom field options without errors.
  8. Blank Summary value now displays red color when empty and changes made to the ticket type.
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