Visp – Apr 25, 2021 10:30 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. Custom item with “prorate” name is no longer displayed similar to a package in the invoice.
  2. Expiration date validation warning is now displayed for expired cards on viewing the subscriber Payment options.
  3. is empty and is not empty conditions are now filtering the main table correctly.
  4. Mass email to all subscribers is now working as expected.
  5. Refund setting options are now updated correctly after saving.
  6. Updating burst time to 0 sec in provisioning settings of the package can now be saved if down burst and up burst are both set to 0.
  7. “Automatically unsuspend even if the payment made online covers only the balance forward.” option is now saved successfully.
  8. Start and End merge fields are now displayed based on ISP’s timezone.
  9. Strange cursor behavior on typing in the Ticket window is now fixed.
  10. IP Address is now searchable in the Inventory tab.
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