Visp – May 11, 2021 4:19 PM PST


  1. A queueing system has been implemented for the QBO Sync feature, which will allow for automatic re-attempt of failed syncs and handle QBO API’s request/minute limit.
  2. ISPs can now set a Sync Start Date to limit how far back the QBO Sync will include.
  3. ISPs can now add items to a credit memo, and the total of the items will be the credit memo amount. If QBO integration is enabled, these items are synced to QBO as well.
  4. If QBO integration is enabled, whenever the user creates/updates and outbound deposit report, the changes are synced to its corresponding deposit transaction in QBO (a new one is created if it’s non-existent).
  5. The Chart of Accounts dock feature has been implemented, wherein the user can create Account codes with ISP-defined types.
  6. An account (from the ISP-defined Chart of Accounts) can now be assigned to an item.
  7. Income by Account Report (Date Bound) has been added – contains item count and income per Account (from the Chart of Accounts), with a multi-month summary table if the date range covers multiple months.
  8. The address pin of the subscriber in the Map can now be updated if the lock is unlocked.
    • Updating the address pin will only update the lat and long values, but not the address details.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Extra spaces in the Visp menu are now cleaned up for those users who have the settings rights disabled.
  2. “Invoice Not Found On Customer” error message is now cleaned up.
  3. Map loading is now more optimized. Loading indicator of subscribers is also added.
  4. When clicking on the map of the subscriber’s address, the subscriber tooltip of the address is now displayed after loading all subscribers on the map only if the eye icon is enabled.
  5. Company name is now displayed in the subscriber pin tooltip in the Map if first name and last name are blank.
  6. Address pins of filtered subscribers are now displayed on the map only if the eye icon is enabled.
  7. Updating MAC address in vPortal now includes internet hotspot service, instead of just the internet service.
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