Visp – May 23, 2021 11:23 PM PST


  1. Credit and debit memos are now included in the Income By Account report with their own row.

Bug Fixes:

  1. The code that causes the “Channel closed” error to display randomly on posting payment is now fixed.
  2. Updating package rates via Items settings now updates the recurring package rate of the subscribers correctly.
  3. QBO sync is now working as expected in Visp.
  4. Spaces after a comma between multiple email addresses are now ignored when sending an email template.
  5. Invoice message HTML format is now displayed correctly in invoice PDF.
  6. PDF formatting is now improved to avoid endless loading when viewing an invoice PDF with 6 pages or more.
  7. Service label is now displayed correctly in the Add Susbcriber Package popup.
  8. Latitude and longitude are now generated when a subscriber signs up via vPortal.
  9. If a package is set to not invoice on signup, invoice charges are now generated correctly on checking Invoice Now option.
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