Visp – Jun 1, 2021 9:41 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. Filter logic is now improved for more accurate filtering of subscribers.
  2. Code issue that causes the random “Cannot read property ‘sendToQueue’ of null” error is now fixed.
  3. On subscriber packages and services dock, clicking on Devices under Internet Hotspot or inactive Internet service no longer causes error.
  4. Updating package settings under Package items no longer causes a “notNull Violation” error.
  5. Timezone is now applied correctly in the Service Desk list.
  6. Ticket custom fields are now displayed in the Add Ticket window.
  7. Updating a ticket without changing the schedule no longer restricts saving the changes.
  8. Schedule tickets of subscribers whose username is blank can now be updated.
  9. Calendar event sumary for UBO and Visp are now the same.
  10. Missing Payment Method Count and Subtotal columns are now restored in the Outbound Deposit Report.
  11. App user column now displays data consistently in the Payments Received Report.
  12. Transaction type for debit memo now displays correctly in the Income By Account Report.
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