Visp – Jun 6, 2021 10:29 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. If the Bill Start Date is already past the month’s Invoice Date and Term End Date and Invoice Day < Term Start Day, only the prorate is prepared in the preview mode.
  2. Prorate Recurring checkbox is no longer checked on adding to invoice.
  3. For subscribers with a flexible Auto-pay day, auto-pay will now process even if the processing continued to the next day.
  4. Print House fees are now charged correctly for new ISPs.
  5. Column and page size main table preferences are now saved after 15 seconds or during logout, whichever comes first, in both Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  6. “Automatically unsuspend” checkbox for suspended subscribers is now checked by default in Receive Payment.
  7. All subscriber tickets are now displayed in the Subscriber dock.
  8. Password validation for Independent email service is now removed.
  9. Email service with primary status is now displayed in vPortal Manage Packages.
  10. Clicking on Add Prospect now overlaps the Settings drawer.
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