Visp – Jul 5, 2021 9:05 PM PST

Minor Improvements:

  1. Given the proper set-up, the subscriber can now re-activate their inactive hotspot service accounts through the vPortal.
  2. Total Amount and Total Tax columns have been added to the main table of the Income by Account report.
  3. Account Code column has been added to the sub-table of the Income by Account report.
  4. ISP domain name is now displayed, instead of the app user name, in the email content of the forget password email sent to subscribers when sending the reset link via Visp app.
  5. Customer name, company name, address is now included in the online payment email notification sent to the ISP.

Bug Fixes:

  1. All package instances in a group are now renamed as expected when the user updates their shared invoice item’s description.
  2. When the user updates the package name of only one of the grouped packages, only that package’s name is updated.
  3. Percent tag-along items are now generated correctly.
  4. Upcoming invoice no longer displays incorrect duplicate tag-along charges.
  5. Upcoming invoice now displays term dates and due date correctly for newly added packages.
  6. Updating payment data in My Visp now saves without errors.
  7. Updating price of FEE in Items settings no longer causes an error.
  8. Email account is now saved correctly when updating the report snapshot settings.
  9. Phone number validation for UK ISPs is now set 11-digits.
  10. Email error no longer cascades to the Credit Cards fields.
  11. Credit card with incomplete data no longer causes an error to display when viewing the Payments tab.
  12. Alias service with valid input can now be activated without errors via vPortal.
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