Visp – Aug 2, 2021 5:02 PM PST


  1. Several improvements for the service desk are now available:
    • clickable email for an easier way to send an email to the subscriber
    • printable table for filtered technicians
    • schedule tickets even without an external calendar integration
    • extended ticket range selection
    • easier formatting dispaly for scheduled date and time
    • view and update connected subscriber directly from the ticket
    • subscriber notification on resolved tickets
    • customizable Terms of Service
  2. Avalara integration improvements include incrementing document ID for tax changes, credit memo transaction date, and raw history log export.
  3. The option to bill an invoice item to another subscriber is now available.
  4. “Any subscribers whose package is suspended” trigger option is now available in the Mass Email feature.

Bug Fix:

  1. Email service username validation in vPortal is now consistent with UBO and Visp validation.
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