Visp – Sep 1, 2021 5:57 PM PST


  1. Major updates on Visp’s messaging feature to improve subscriber ticket communication and to support SMS (via Twilio) for sending bills and processing payments.
  2. Paper invoice fee now appears on upcoming invoice preview and can be configured in the Items manager.
  3. Users can now set the ISP’s paper invoicing policy to skip the following if the subscriber’s balance due is less than the set threshold:
    • skip an invoice from getting automatically sent to the print house or included in the PDF download file
    • skip charging paper invoice fee to the subscriber

Bug Fix:

  1. “Saint Kitts and Nevis” country option is now available in vPortal.
  2. All instances of payment declined error now triggers the payment declined email if activated.
  3. Missing total in the Auto-pay summary CSV email is now restored.
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