Visp – Sep 19, 2021 6:55 PM PST


  1. Item permission options are now added, available only for those using the new user rights option that is activated on request.
  2. Hibernate option is now available for non-Internet service packages.
  3. Avalara tax option is now available for legacy Internet packages.
  4. Quantity field is now available in the Add & Configure Package window.
  5. Registered MAC Address is now removed when hotspot service expires.
  6. Other service is now activated on vPortal signup even if there are other package services included in the package.
  7. Revenue Per Item Per Zip Report is now available under the Billing category. It will display the total amount of payment-distributed invoice items grouped by zip and similar item from all subscribers, within a given date range.
  8. Save and Cancel buttons for Inline editing are now moved into the field.
  9. Standard styling is now applied to the following: Login, Main Layout, Dashboard, Subscribers, and Main Table.
  10. Feedback icon is now removed from child drawers.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Subscribers who should not have the paper invoice fee are no longer generated.
  2. Updating the paper invoice option of the subscribers billing options now displays the paper invoice fee amount correctly in the upcoming invoice.
  3. Send button is now displayed for long email content without the need to change zoom options.
  4. From email in the Message Subscriber drawer is now auto-populated for ISPs with multiple emails. In addition, users can choose which available email address to enter in the From field.
  5. Missing email notification for ticket updates is now restored.
  6. Assigned CPE tab is now loading correctly for those ISPs with no data displayed in the table.
  7. In vPortal signup, Company, Phone, Email fields are no longer hidden on changing country unless settings are enabled to hide them. Also, Company is now moved before the Address fields.
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