Visp – Oct 10, 2022 9:07 PM PST


  1. Invoice action buttons are now moved to the top area of the Packages & Services.
  2. Password reset via vPortal is now available on adding a subscriber. On adding a new subscriber:
    • If the subscriber has an email address available, the Password and Verify fields are removed/hidden. After the subscriber is successfully added, a reset password link will be sent to the recorded email address which forwards the subscriber to the reset password page on vPortal when they click it.
    • If the subscriber’s email address is unavailable, the Password and Verify fields will be displayed and the user can choose to force a password reset when the subscriber logs in.
  3. The option to require payment on signup is now available under the Package Options setting. By default, the option is checked.
    • If “Require payment on signup” is checked, nothing will change in the current signup.
    • If “Require payment on signup” is unchecked, no payment will be collected on signup.
  4. Export to CSV is now available for IRM tables.
  5. The tax breakdown for the Avalara tax amount is now grouped per Avalara tax item/category instead of being redundantly listed.
  6. Users can now schedule a ticket to a past date (with a prompt to confirm if that’s what they want).

Bug Fixes:

  1. Error causing the blinking Transactions view that prevents displaying of the invoice details of a subscriber is now fixed.
  2. Current invoice is now viewable in the Packages & Invoices consistently.
  3. Random error on sending scheduled emails to filtered subscribers is now fixed.
  4. The dialog for the BOM is now displayed on resolving ticket.
  5. Authentication options are now removed for AP-type equipment in IRM.
  6. Inline editing is now working on the Inventory list for IRM.
  7. Several UI fixes are now applied to the Visp app.


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