Visp – Nov 22, 2022 12:34 AM PST


  1. NACHA trigger and report changes:
    • Nacha runs on autopay days and creates the report for download in the reports section.
    • Manual file generation is now removed from NACHA Report.
    • Report now only shows subscribers that have posted a payment via NACHA within the date range.
    • Option to download NACHA-generated files is now available for the specified dates.
    • Subscribers who have ACH and pay through a NACHA file are now batched to run the same day the payments are made.
    • eCheck Subscribers via NACHA (Date Bound) is now under Billing report category.
  2. If Zip code option is enabled on payment, zip code support for Payment Express, Oriental Bank, and PlugNPay is now available.
  3. Option to minimize Mail dock is now available.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Deleted subscriber should no longer receive internet service.
  2. Funky display for week view in ticket calendar for mobile is now fixed.
  3. Minor UI fixes are now released.
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