Visp – Dec 19, 2022 9:00 PM PST


  1. Purchase Order for IRM only gets emailed to a Vendor when the status is set to Ordered or Canceled.
  2. Eye icon is now available for most password fields to toggle the typing display of text.
  3. Option to delete IRM equipment from the Infrastructure Location is now available. The option will follow the deletion rules of the equipment.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Invalid address error on clicking the ticket address pin is now fixed.
  2. Totals for ISP Site Equipment Report are now included in the CSV export for ISPs with IRM enabled.
  3. Missing identifier for newly added IRM equipment is now displayed correctly in the Map and Site Location list of equipment.
  4. Funky issues in reports with equipment columns are now fixed for ISPs with IRM enabled.
  5. Save is no longer clickable on adding a new IRM inventory without a serial number in the Add Inventory form.
  6. Docked equipment are now highlighted in the table for IRM.
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