Visp – Feb 14, 2022 7:36 PM PST


  1. Elavon merchant payment processing is now available for credit card payments.
  2. Multi-gateway billing with different processors is now available.
  3. For those with IRM activated, Saisei fields are now available for devices if Saisei is enabled.
  4. Reports are now updated to display IRM data correctly.
  5. Remove action for Infrastructure Profile and Contacts is now available.
  6. vNMS notification is now available for setup.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Viewing of packages settings no longer causes the app to crash.
  2. Adding a new tax no longer displays an invalid error that prevents adding the tax successfully.
  3. Deleting a subscriber with no equipment no longer adds a history log that indicated that equipment has been removed from the subscriber.
  4. State dropdown options in vPortal are now consistent with that of Visp.
  5. For those ISPs that support multi-language, eCheck option is now displayed for subscribers that have eCheck as their bill method.
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