Visp – Mar 1, 2022 7:42 PM PST


  1. Elavon merchant payment processing is now available for eCheck payments.
  2. The option to charge a fee to a subscriber when processing credit card payments is now available.
  3. For IRM, the following are now available:
    • “Same Equipment Profile” option when adding multiple inventory
    • Option to remove an inventory
    • Bulk transfer to another infrastructure location
    • multiple inventory import via CSV
    • unassigning equipment on archiving subscriber option
    • equipment can now be viewed from the Items Manager

Bug Fixes:

  1. Starting, pausing, or stopping the ticket timer no longer updates ticket details.
  2. From field options of the Mass Message now retrieves email addresses correctly from the ISP.
  3. Due setting set to 0 days after invoice date now works as expected for months with days below 30.
  4. View Report link in the payment gateway’s drawer now opens the correct report.
  5. Credit cards are now displayed properly in vPortal after successfully adding credit card information.
  6. For vPortal signups with tag-along items, preview items and amounts are now showing the right data and subscriber’s status is now correctly set on successful sign-up (instead of being archived).
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