Visp – Mar 8, 2022 9:12 PM PST


  1. SCA changes for ISPs using Stripe merchant and has SCA enforced for Stripe:
    • Credit Card form in the Payment Options panel is now disabled for editing.
    • Users are now restricted from using Credit Card as the payment method when posting a payment.
    • When the subscriber attempts a credit card payment in vPortal Account Manager or online sign-up, they are now redirected to Stripe’s 3D Secure authentication page when applicable.
    • ISP can now set up and activate a triggered notification that will be automatically sent if a credit card payment attempt fails due to authentication or authorization requirements
  2. In the Items Manager settings, users can now choose and re-order columns in the Items table and export table data to CSV.

Bug Fixes:

  1. For ISPs using IRM, subscribers can now be archived even if the subscriber has no equipment.
  2. The auto-pay script now correctly retrieves the merchant option for the ISP, even if there are erroneous earlier data.
  3. Missing behavior where the bill start date is set to the subscriber’s next invoice day on successful vPortal subscriber signup is now restored for packages with “invoice the package” option unchecked.
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