Visp – Apr 4, 2022 10:23 PM PST

Minor Improvement:

  1. Subscriber and Company columns are now available in the EFT Report, hidden by default.
  2. When the ISP updates the speed limit of a customer, CoA update is now sent without the need to click the “Update Speed“ button.
  3. Continuous optimization changes for loading subscribers and tickets.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Loading of Map page no longer crashes for ISPs with more than 18 radial coverage.
  2. Email with image in the content is now sent successfully to the subscribers.
  3. Messaging no longer displays the “missing email” error on sending an email not from a message template to all subscribers with email addresses available.
  4. Clicking on Email in subscriber invoice now defaults to Email messaging service since attachments are not available via SMS.
  5. AR Report now displays correctly for ISPs with subprice items setup.
  6. For those ISPs with IRM enabled, the Totals summary displayed in Billing History Summary Report is no longer duplicated. Also, the total summary is no longer missing and the date range is now displayed correctly on printing the report.
  7. Missing changelog notification is now added correctly in the Visp app.
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