Visp – Apr 25, 2022 8:27 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. Filtering subscribers table using the Access point condition now displays filter results correctly.
  2. Searching with a number no longer causes an error.
  3. Saving infrastructure site changes no longer causes a syntax error.
  4. Ticket created via email from an email address used by multiple subscribers now tags the first active subscriber it finds.
  5. When the ISP creates a Ticket-entity custom report via Report Builder, the count is now displayed correctly.
  6. Service Ticket Assignee column in Report Builder results now displays the app user’s name instead of a numeric value.
  7. Custom reports created via Report Builder can now be deleted as long as it is not connected to any widgets.
  8. User table column and width preferences are now saved automatically within 3 seconds after change.
  9. Advanced UI in vPortal is now hidden for activated Internet service if MAC is set to read-only and no devices are available.
  10. Check for Service address in vPortal now defaults to the ISP’s address.
  11. For SCA-enabled ISPs:
    • If the card used for online sign-up is non-SCA-supported and the sign-up encounters a duplicate username error, the payment processing is skipped.
    • If the card used for online sign-up is SCA-supported and the sign-up encounters a duplicate username error after the subscriber has already authorized the payment attempt, the payment will be automatically refunded.
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