Visp – Apr 26, 2022 8:37 PM PST


  1. Customer ID and Static IP column are now available in the Subscribers with ACTIVE Internet service report.
  2. cnMaestroX is now available upon request.
  3. For IRM-enabled ISPs:
    • Map theme settings is now available.
    • Displaying of Asset tag field is now based on the equipment setting.
    • Vendor deletion is now available.
    • IP address metadata field is no longer required on Add/Edit Equipment if not required in settings.
    • Equipment profile settings are now merged to the Inventory profile settings.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Clicking Refresh on the Internet device with multi-MAC no longer reloads a static IP address.
  2. Loading of a subscriber’s upcoming invoice is now optimized.
  3. Fields in the package Provisioning settings now indicate invalid red lines by default if fields have values that are invalid.
  4. Ticket created with a package info merge field for subscribers with fiber service now displays correctly.
  5. IRM inventory can now be deleted without errors.
  6. Deleted equipment is now ignored when checking duplicate IP and MAC addresses for IRM.
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