Visp – May 23, 2022 9:46 PM PST


  1. For ISPs with IRM activated:
    • Search for Inventory and Equipment list with improvements in specific search is now available.
    • Subscriber and Site markers can now overlap each other on the Map.
    • Routers from IRM can now be selected as the Access Controllers in the IP Management system.
    • RPM integration is now available. ISPs can now provision cable modems through RPM with the parameters from VISP.

Bug Fixes:

  1. If the parent has a credit balance that can fully pay the generated billed-from-child invoice (and if auto-distribution is setup correctly), a payment is automatically posted to the child’s account upon automatic full payment of the parent’s invoice.
  2. Inactive default tax is no longer assigned to a subscriber on invoice preview breakdown in vPortal signup.
  3. Missing behavior that sends the signup success email to ISPs based on the “Receive email notification when a new subscriber successfully signed up” option is now restored.
  4. Updating Setup Fee package tax is now synced with the setup fee item for the package with 0 setup fee pricing.
  5. 0.01 tax difference of the upcoming invoice with the generated invoice is now fixed.
  6. Auto-pay for eCheck is now improved to retrieve the correct payment token.
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