Visp – May 9, 2022 9:31 PM PST


  1. For ISPs with IRM enabled:
    • Deleting clutter profiles in the map page is now available for profiles that are not linked to an AP.
    • Archiving purchase orders and viewing an archived purchased order is now available.
    • The “same location” option is now available in the receive inventory form in the Purchase Order.
    • Invoice number and notes fields are now available in a purchase order.
    • Inventory and equipment tables are now merged.
  2. Ticket form is now redesigned to cater to scheduling and dispatch.
    • Queues and Arrival duration are now available when scheduling a ticket.
    • Schedule and arrival information of a ticket is now displayed in tickets displayed in vPortal.
  3. User right to access Ticket Type settings is now available under Service Desk user rights settings.
  4. Token fields for ISPs with merchant are now displayed correctly.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Surcharge fee is now added correctly for ISPs with merchant.
  2. Updating custom field for ISPs with IRM activated no longer displays an error on saving changes.
  3. Save is now clickable on filling out the required field in adding a new inventory location in Equipment settings for those ISPs with IRM disabled.
  4. Visp app no longer crashes when clicking the Provisioning settings of a package with an internet hotspot service.
  5. Invalid queries from the custom report created in Report Builder are now automatically stopped after 5 minutes.
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