Visp – May 16, 2022 10:12 PM PST


  1. In the Add Subscriber Equipment for IRM-enabled ISPs:
    • Equipment list now displays all (individual) items instead of grouped ones.
    • Searching for an item code, serial, mac, or SKU now filters the list instead of having to select a profile and then searching for a serial or mac.
  2. The current status of the subscriber is now available as a column in the Tickets & Schedule Report (Date Bound and Unscheduled).

Bug Fixes:

  1. City field in the subscriber information is now required when the international address option is disabled.
  2. Payment distribution is now automatically updated to ignore invoices that do not belong to the subscriber whose payment is being posted.
  3. Searching for phone numbers by selecting a phone field name now displays results accurately in the Subscribers table.
  4. Ticket dashboard widget no longer displays query error if no data are available.
  5. When updating an Avalara tax in the subscriber’s upcoming invoice, a warning is now displayed that the feature to predict future tax charges isn’t available.
  6. Selecting an Avalara tax now updates the rates correctly.


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