Visp – Jun 6, 2022 8:25 PM PST


  1. For ISPS with IRM enabled:
    • vNOC, vNMS, vDNS, and vAgent extensions are now available upon request.
    • Metered option for equipment quantity is now available.
    • Users can now set the location and radius to bias their address searches.
    • Users can now select an access controller under an Internet service and then list the IP subnets that are available for obtaining an IP.
  2. Missing Zhone Management System extension available in UBO is now integrated into the Visp app.
  3. Print is now consistently displayed in the subscriber ticket view.
  4. Username and password are now auto-completed when a subscriber is added via TowerCoverage signups.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Multiple search criteria now displays search results correctly.
  2. Special characters in passwords no longer cause errors on viewing a report.
  3. If Queue Unscheduled tickets option is turned off for the ticket type template, the Queue tab is now hidden from scheduling a ticket for that type.
  4. Users with valid username and password entered can now login successfully even if the last selected subscriber has errors in billing settings.
  5. Unsuspend button is now automatically displayed after the package is suspended on clicking the Suspend button in the subscriber package menu.
  6. cnMaestroX dashboard widget is no longer displayed if cnMaestroX is disabled.
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