Visp – June 13, 2022 9:13 PM PST


  1. Ticket status filter and ticket priority filter preferences are now saved.
  2. The Schedule pop-up, particularly the Arrival field, has been improved with clearer and user-friendly labels and mechanisms.
  3. For ISPs using IRM, Infrastructure layers are now available on the Map page.

Bug Fixes:

  1. For ISPs using IRM:
    • Thematic maps are now working as expected.
    • Layout issue in the IRM card title is now fixed
    • Assigned count in the equipment cards is now improved to display accurately.
    • User preference for equipment cards view option is now saved.
    • Equipment Profile dropdown options now display the Description field of the equipment profile instead of the Make and Model.
    • When an inventory profile is renamed, the corresponding item code is now renamed.
    • When updating the location of equipment with an AP, the AP coverage on the map is now relocated to the new location.
    • Export KML file in the Map page is now working for APs and Customers option.
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