Visp – Jul 4, 2022 8:13 PM PST

Minor Improvement:

  1. Deleted Customers Report now has the following new columns: Customer ID, Date of Last Activity (based on last updates in billing transactions), and Cancellation Description (based on the data entered on subscriber deletion).

Bug Fixes:

  1. All phone numbers are now added when clicking on Open Ticket and selecting a subscriber, similar to the behavior of adding a ticket directly in the Subscriber view.
  2. Subscriber suggestions in ticket subscriber search now return more results.
  3. Pasting the MAC Address no longer displays MAC not Found error once a MAC is matched.
  4. Email template not found error no longer displays and prevents resolving a ticket if the email template is not found.
  5. Map no longer crashes if the SSID of equipment is empty.
  6. Apostrophe symbol in item and item description no longer cause issues in generating invoices.
  7. Long item description no longer breaks the invoice PDF totals summary.
  8. If the parent first name and last name are missing, company is now displayed as the parent account name displayed in the subscriber PDF.
  9. Missing “Display ‘Recurring’ in the invoice for subscriber view” option is now available in the settings for the Percent Rate custom item.
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