Visp – Jul 10, 2022 10:22 PM PST

Minor Improvement:

  1. Creating a subscriber ticket now includes all subscriber email addresses as ticket contact emails instead of just the technical email.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Error on saving default package Internet speed limits is now fixed.
  2. Updating email types now saves correctly instead of an endless loading.
  3. Revenue amount for the ARPU report is now calculated correctly instead of just displaying the 1.00 amount. In addition, all options are now checked by default if the report is accessed via the Dashboard.
  4. Duplicate Bill To invoice sub-description is now fixed.
  5. Spaces in followers’ email addresses no longer cause errors on updating a ticket.
  6. MAC Address can now be pasted in the MAC Address field on adding or updating Internet Devices.
  7. If RPM integration is enabled, an error message is now displayed on activating a Cable service of a subscriber without equipment.
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